Adobe Creative Cloud is needed to resolve this problem


Oh right, well I thought that was already installed.

I got this lovely little error message on some Macs that I was adding a CS6 package to. These had an existing CC 2015 enterprise serialised deployment package on them for the full CC suite, but we had a requirement to add Dreamweaver CS6 to the installation as well.
I built a serialised package just for Dreamweaver CS6, but for whatever reason, once this extra package was installed alongside our existing CC one, this error was thrown my way.

Adobe does have a support article here that pretends to solve this problem, but it only affects two apps (InDesign and Incopy), and the workaround mentions renaming a folder but I don’t know what to.

Anyway, here’s how I got rid of this error message.
Open up the Creative Cloud Packager program that comes with Enterprise license accounts, and choose Create Package.
I then choose Serial Number License since that’s our deployment method in our institution, and tick Creative Cloud Desktop Application.
Next, I paste in the enterprise license key…and finally I choose the Adobe products I want to package.
In this instance, I only want the Creative Cloud app at the top of the list, I left everything else unchecked, then clicked Build.

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 16.28.06.png

Once the building is complete, I then just installed it on the machines displaying the error, (I personally use the Install Packages feature of Apple Remote Desktop) and now the error has gone!

And now I can move on with my life.


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