Completely Removing Adobe CC

I had a need to completely and utterly, destroy and obliterate an Adobe CC 2015 installation the other day from an iMac in our college.

Of course this wasn’t as simple as running every uninstaller file from /Applications, but this was what I tried first, however it left behind what I think where licensing files as well as user settings in all manner of directories.

The next step was to try the ‘Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool’ which can be downloaded for free here. This gave me a list of parts in the old CC installation it detected and could remove…sure enough there were leftovers including some user license data.
‘Cleanup all’ removed some things, but there was a persistent Photoshop CC 2015.5 installation that wouldn’t disappear.

The next thing I tried was to build an uninstaller package using the Adobe Enterprise ‘Creative Cloud Packager’. This will build some sort of uninstaller script that looks for existing installation of the products you select, and then deletes the files.
Just to be on the safe side, I selected every Adobe product and built the uninstaller.

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 15.04.35.png

Once it’s built, I needed to run it with superuser privileges. Open a Terminal and punch in the following:

sudo /Users/tech/Desktop/Uninstaller/AdobeCCUninstaller

The path will vary according to where you’ve saved it; I put mine on the desktop.
This ran through every Adobe product, checked for its presence on the machine, and then removed the installation files for it.
It found a fair few remaining and at this point I was fairly confident I’d got rid of the applications themselves…however, user data was another matter and this is where Adobe have another support article of use here.

The following directories and files were deleted:
(An asterisk * replaces the names of individual Adobe applications, e.g. Photoshop)

Users/[User]/Library/Application Support/Adobe
Library/Application Support

Finally, just to be extra sure, I ran a Spotlight search on the word ‘Adobe’ to see if anything else was thrown up on the machine. As long as it wasn’t a user created file, I deleted it.
Empty trash, a reboot for good measure, and that was the last of Adobe on this iMac!


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